Can I Get An Old DUI Arrest Expunged?

A recent change in Tennessee law creates an opportunity to have some criminal convictions from prior DUI arrests expunged. This spring, the Governor signed a bill into law creating a new path to expungement for some misdemeanor and low level felony criminal convictions in Tennessee that will go into effect July 1. Here's a link to that statute TCA 40-32-101.

If you were charged with a DUI, but settled your case for a non-DUI offense such as reckless driving or reckless endangerment, you may benefit from this new law. Other qualifications require that you not have other criminal convictions and that a period of five years has elapsed from the end of any sentence you received.

I am very excited for this new, previously unavailable, opportunity to help so many people. Please give me a call at 615-620-0891, if you would like to discuss if you may be eligible to apply to have a prior arrest cleared under this law.