Can I Get Pretrial Diversion For Underage Driving While Impaired (Underage DWI)?

Important update. Effective 7/1/2016 the Tennessee underage DWI statute has been repealed. Therefore, only persons charged with this offense prior to this date may benefit from this law.

Yes. Unlike the law for driving under the influence (DUI), a person charged with underage DWI (sometimes called under 21 DUI or underage drunk driving) may be granted pretrial diversion. Pretrial diversion is a special first offender type statute that allows for the settlement of a criminal charge without any judgment of conviction for certain qualified defendants.

Additionally, someone who successfully completes a pretrial diversion program may later have the charge against them dismissed and expunged from their record. This means they will have the opportunity to have all public records related to their case erased or cleared.

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