Can I Get My DUI Reduced To Reckless Driving?

Many of my clients come to me wanting to negotiate a reckless driving plea to avoid a DUI conviction. Several factors weigh on a prosecutors judgment in deciding whether to plea bargain a case for a resolution that avoids a DUI conviction. There are thousands of DUI arrests in Nashville alone in a given year, so prosecutors must manage the time and resources of the state in consideration of the number of cases they have. They consider the strength of the evidence, possible legal issues and pertinent personal information about the person charged when negotiating a plea agreement.

A good criminal defense lawyer prepares from day one of a case to analyze these issues to prepare a compelling argument to achieve a favorable settlement option as well as preparing to litigate a case through the court process or even to trial.

If you are interested in finding out if it’s possible to get your DUI charge reduced to “reckless driving,” contact the Nashville law office of Attorney Russell Thomas at 615-620-0891 in order to get expert advice regarding your personal case.