What Does Nolle Prosequi Mean? Can I Get My Record Expunged?

Nolle Prosequi means that a charge was dropped and that you can have it cleared from your record. Nolle Prosequi is a formal entry on the court record that a prosecutor is not pursuing prosecution of a matter (at least at this time). Like a lot of legal terms it is adapted from a Latin phrase that roughly translates to “unwilling to prosecute.”

Sometimes this is referred to in other ways, such as nolle or nol pros. Just because a Nolle Prosequi has been entered, the prosecution may not necessarily be prohibited from bringing back charges at a later time.

In addition, there may be other issues if you have multiple charges with different resolutions. Fortunately, Tennessee Law T.C.A.40-32-101 provides that you may immediately apply to have a case expunged after a Nolle Prosequi.

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