If A Probation Violation Has Been Filed Against Me, Do I Still Need To Report To My Probation Officer?

Yes, since you still are on probation unless and until a Judge tells you otherwise.  And, if your probation officer has specifically asked you to continue reporting and do anything else, you need to do it.  If you fail to report now, your probation officer could file an amended warrant and add an additional failure to report if you miss a meeting. If a probation violation warrant has been filed against you, the court needs to decide two things.  One, the Judge decides whether you did in fact violate your probation.  Two, if you did violate your probation, the Judge decides the appropriate punishment.  The Court could then give you another chance and reinstate your probation, make you serve out your entire sentence, or anything in between.  The Court could also extend your probation.

Judges usually consider how you have been doing on probation and how serious the violations are when deciding the punishment.  For example, a Judge may weigh a new arrest more seriously than being behind on paying fines and court costs.  Or, a Judge may consider you reporting a few days late less serious than not reporting for a couple of months.  The Judge can find you in violation for breaking any of the rules of probation, and has broad discretion on imposing a punishment. However, the above mentioned things are often considered.

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