What is the penalty for driving with a suspended license?

Is driving with a suspended license in Tennessee is a criminal offense? Yes. A first offense is designated as a class B misdemeanor by statute - T.C.A. 55-50-504. The majority of people charged with driving on a suspended license are not arrested and taken to jail but are instead issued a criminal citation. Many people do not realize it is a crime because of this. But, make no mistake, it is and can carry criminal penalties. What is the sentence for driving with a suspended license? There is no mandatory minimum jail sentence, which means someone could be convicted and received a completely suspended sentence (no actual jail time.) But, the law says that someone convicted of this offense can recieve up to 6 months in jail and a $500 fine. The most significant penalty for driving with suspended license may be that it carries a mandatory license suspension of one year. Someone with this type of suspension cannot even get a restricted license until this year of suspension is complete. Penalties can increase for driving on a suspended license for DUI, or for driving on a suspended license with prior convictions. To speak with a suspended license attorney with experience helping clients in Middle Tennessee, call us at (615) 620-0891.