A Real Genuine and Honorable Person

Absolutely, I would recommend Russell! Although I did find Russell while looking up DUI attorneys on the internet, I don't believe it was by happenstance. As my title expresses, Russell is just a really great person. Not only is he knowledgeable, motivated, and committed, he is truly sincere and REAL. To be totally honest, I've never met a lawyer like him, nor did I believe one like him existed. At this point, I have to re-evaluate my prior general dislike of lawyers!

I am a recovering alcoholic who made some really poor choices during my active addiction. Russell took the time to listen to my story, in its entirety, without judgment. Immediately, Russell went to work on my case, keeping me well informed of each step. Then a miracle happened: he got my case completely dismissed! I never had to step one foot inside a courtroom!

I would recommend Russell to anyone I truly care about. Now that I place my sobriety above everything else and my plan is to stay sober, I plan on not needing Russell’s DUI services. Now, I just have to get Russell to expand his practice into other specialties.......


A Gratefully Recovering Alcoholic: Living Life "One Day at a Time"

Posted by Holly