Nashville Theft & Robbery Defense Lawyer


Theft and Robbery: Stiff Penalties Call for a Strong Defense

In Nashville, Tennessee, a person is charged with theft if, with the intent to take someone else’s property, the person takes the other person’s property without his express consent. Sounds simple? It is anything but because your life can evaporate before your very eyes upon being charged with theft or robbery.

So what situations could you experience upon being charged and/or convicted of theft or robbery?

  • A landlord may decide not to rent an apartment or a home to you
  • If you are a witness in a court case, the prosecution could brand you a “bad witness” just because of your theft or robbery conviction
  • A potential employer may decide not to hire you for a job

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard of people accused of theft or robbery plead guilty to avoid any shame or embarrassment for their families. The simple act of “giving up” and not defending yourself could cost you your reputation and your freedom. Theft and robbery laws in Tennessee are complex, and you need a sharp and experienced Nashville theft and robbery attorney at your side to “unmuddy” the legal waters and build a strong defense for you.

Russell Thomas: A Strong Advocate in Your Time of Need

You need an experienced Nashville theft and robbery attorney for many reasons. That right attorney knows how to examine the evidence against you to identify any “holes” in it. That right attorney can develop a perfectly plausible alternative theory to the crime for which you are accused. I am that right attorney for you, and I am ready to serve you today.

Being an active member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys and the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys illustrates that I am dedicated to being the best attorney possible to represent you in your theft or robbery case.

If you need an experienced Nashville Criminal lawyer to help with a theft or robbery charge, I am ready to help you right now. My consultation is free, so we can openly discuss your situation and how I can legally assist you. My office number is 615-620-0891, or you can contact me by using the contact form found on the right side of this page.